Monday, 24 October 2016

5 Essential Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger

When it gets down to it, a blog is really a more personalized source of information. Bloggers can express what they feel and what they have experienced with using their blogs. If in case the late Peter Jennings of ABC news had a blog then it wouldn't typically sound as a newscast.

Blogs are not made to be at par with Wikipedia, but there are some blogs out there that seem to have grasped the attention of readers so much that they're recognized as the subject authority. Hence, these are termed as the 'authority' and dominant blogs. These blog sites are well known that online readers 'flock' these sites to gather relevant and accurate information. These expert bloggers are sure to convince you to reach what they have reached. But to do that, you must know what makes authority blogs tick. Well, Samuel Nathan Kahn shared the 5 important tips on how you can be the authority in the world of blogging.

1. Talk the talk - Remember the intellectual impact your college professor created the first time you sat in his class? If you want to be recognized as a niche expert, you have to talk like one. That's the kind of impression you'd want to create to be perceived as a subject know-it-all. Well, for your name isn't 'Einstein' (who knows everything, get it?) because you also need to do some research. If in case your readers have queries then better do some research and provide accurate answers.

2. Peer up - Birds of the same feather... you know how the saying goes! Indeed, bloggers have their own online community. Usually, the ones who write about the same topics belong to a single group. Remember, you have to be acquainted with the blogging community since they will help you in some other ways once you become a part of them. You can surely increase your authority as a blogger once you do guest postings and by exchanging links to other bloggers.

3. Be innovative - Even if you are already an old timer in blogging, it doesn't mean you are popular online. Meaning, you can also be on the 'hot seat' if you have some blogging issues. A lot of people have reached the summit of Mt. Everest and some have not, but still people climb its peak. So what if the first summit record is taken? Some climbers are not bothered by the first record since they can climb the summit by their own way! For your blog, develop an idea that would put you on the map, so to speak. To do this, avoid being a 'copycat' and instead, be unique and apply the 'never been done' before in blogging.

4. Talk about the mundane - Would you want to 'run out of the bush' and have your readers hanging questions in their mind wouldn't you? Remember, even if you are an expert in blogging, it doesn't mean you have to write the 'extraordinary'. Some people like to be reminded of the everyday. And if this everyday topic can be discussed in an expert voice, it just sounds way more interesting. Who knows, your unique advice regarding parenting can be a huge hit amongst moms!

5. Bring it on! - If you’re weak in blogging then stop if you can't do it. What can you bring to the table? Take the challenge! Blogs that are popular online can still be put down by newcomers in blogging. So, challenge yourself to outdo your last entry each time you update your blog. Do your best in blogging to retain your title as an authority in the world of blogging.

Being an authority blogger is not about being pretentious. It's on your part to be the authority on blogging and this will only happen if you implement the best ideas and methods in blogging.