Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Article Writing Tips For Beginners

Article marketing is one of the most effective online businesses nowadays. You can get the best deals when it comes to it without spending too much. Also, it can generate income for you in a short period of time, which is why you have to consider the type of marketing. However, you should know the best tips in writing articles. If you are just getting started with the venture, you have to seek for the excellent article writing tips for beginners to help you.

Article writing tips for beginners

Here are some of the best tips that can help guarantee your article writing success:

Provide informative articles at all times - To entice readers, it is a must to have the best quality articles. You should come up with compelling and informative articles at all times in order to gather the attention of readers. You should provide solutions to certain problems and how to deal with it with the use of your articles.

Use attention-grabbing titles - The use of titles that are catchy can easily attract readers. You need to use eye-catching article titles to increase the chances of your articles being visited by many readers. Also, you can get article marketing software that will further help you optimize your article writing skills. You can also seek help from other writers on how to write the best titles that will benefit your article.

Understand your topics - Do not start writing on a certain topic if you do not have any idea on how to write it. Understanding topics in every way should come in handy in order for you to write articles with great contents. Do not stop until you master all the information needed so that readers will be enticed. It pays off for you to read a certain topic first to you can fully understand it.

Entice readers right from the start - In order for your articles to be read by more and more people, you have to start with a striking impression. You should offer people a valid reason why they need to read all the contents of your articles. The first paragraph is the most crucial part of your article, which is why it should be written as effective as possible.

Keep your articles concise - As much as possible, you should create articles that are concise. No need for you to use irrelevant words just to come up with a somehow good number of words. Readers want to read articles that are straight to the point.

Samuel Nathan Kahn shared the aforementioned tips on article writing can greatly shape up your expertise. Take advantage of these tips so you can write great articles that have all substance essential to help article marketing flourish.

Monday, 24 October 2016

5 Essential Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger

When it gets down to it, a blog is really a more personalized source of information. Bloggers can express what they feel and what they have experienced with using their blogs. If in case the late Peter Jennings of ABC news had a blog then it wouldn't typically sound as a newscast.

Blogs are not made to be at par with Wikipedia, but there are some blogs out there that seem to have grasped the attention of readers so much that they're recognized as the subject authority. Hence, these are termed as the 'authority' and dominant blogs. These blog sites are well known that online readers 'flock' these sites to gather relevant and accurate information. These expert bloggers are sure to convince you to reach what they have reached. But to do that, you must know what makes authority blogs tick. Well, Samuel Nathan Kahn shared the 5 important tips on how you can be the authority in the world of blogging.

1. Talk the talk - Remember the intellectual impact your college professor created the first time you sat in his class? If you want to be recognized as a niche expert, you have to talk like one. That's the kind of impression you'd want to create to be perceived as a subject know-it-all. Well, for your name isn't 'Einstein' (who knows everything, get it?) because you also need to do some research. If in case your readers have queries then better do some research and provide accurate answers.

2. Peer up - Birds of the same feather... you know how the saying goes! Indeed, bloggers have their own online community. Usually, the ones who write about the same topics belong to a single group. Remember, you have to be acquainted with the blogging community since they will help you in some other ways once you become a part of them. You can surely increase your authority as a blogger once you do guest postings and by exchanging links to other bloggers.

3. Be innovative - Even if you are already an old timer in blogging, it doesn't mean you are popular online. Meaning, you can also be on the 'hot seat' if you have some blogging issues. A lot of people have reached the summit of Mt. Everest and some have not, but still people climb its peak. So what if the first summit record is taken? Some climbers are not bothered by the first record since they can climb the summit by their own way! For your blog, develop an idea that would put you on the map, so to speak. To do this, avoid being a 'copycat' and instead, be unique and apply the 'never been done' before in blogging.

4. Talk about the mundane - Would you want to 'run out of the bush' and have your readers hanging questions in their mind wouldn't you? Remember, even if you are an expert in blogging, it doesn't mean you have to write the 'extraordinary'. Some people like to be reminded of the everyday. And if this everyday topic can be discussed in an expert voice, it just sounds way more interesting. Who knows, your unique advice regarding parenting can be a huge hit amongst moms!

5. Bring it on! - If you’re weak in blogging then stop if you can't do it. What can you bring to the table? Take the challenge! Blogs that are popular online can still be put down by newcomers in blogging. So, challenge yourself to outdo your last entry each time you update your blog. Do your best in blogging to retain your title as an authority in the world of blogging.

Being an authority blogger is not about being pretentious. It's on your part to be the authority on blogging and this will only happen if you implement the best ideas and methods in blogging.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

6 Easy Ways to Start the Writing Process

Anyone can write, whether it's for a school assignment or for a novel manuscript. Unfortunately, writing often becomes a chore. For many of us, writing is plain time-consuming, demanding, and unsatisfactory. Samuel Nathan Kahn shared 6 easy ways to start the writing process.

1) Start with a purpose in mind :- What do you actually want to write? Jot down a topic or the minimums for your piece-either on a sticky note and put it next to your notebook. The following questions should also be answered: How long is whatever you're trying to write? What are you writing about; Are there any other requirements you have to worry about? Writing down your purpose and goals is a good way to focus your mind on exactly what you need to accomplish.

2) Your interest will let you finish what you write :- Forget writing if you are not fascinated enough with the subject you are writing about since how you feel will be reflected on your piece. Focus on the element of your subject that interests you.

3) Write an outline of the basics of your literary piece :-  A structure of the draft is the most important part of writing. If you have to write five pages on a topic, decide how long you will write about each different fact you have to make. Outlining helps with creative writing, for you to have a general idea of what's going on in your story. As in Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling, a sense of direction created such a powerful conclusion in the final book.

4) You have to put away everything else and concentrate on writing :- Writing the draft is almost the hardest part to write about. While you are in the 'drafting stage', try to concentrate on it as much as possible. Your email and mobile phones can interrupt your focus on your piece. For longer pieces, try to set aside at least an hour when you're trying to write.

5) Don't get too perfectionist :-  Writer's blockage results from high standards so lower it down. To eliminate the perfectionist person with you is to stop worrying so much whether or not, every little bit you write is as it can be. Take note of sections that you consider that's of low quality but keep writing. The draft is where you write quickly and set the foundations of your piece. The time to go back and fix the errors is during the revision stage.

6) Have an enough amount of break before doing the revisions :- You should not assess your piece immediately after you have written it. You should give yourself a significant amount of break before looking over your work. Activities like reading a book, meeting and chatting with friends, and even doing the exercise will refresh before you do the revisions. This is to ensure that you have a different mindset than before you were first written. Don't rush and take your time for you to be able to produce a quality piece of work.

Friday, 7 October 2016

5 Ways to Find the Right Freelance Writer for Your Website

If you're hesitant to hire a freelance writer, you may want to reconsider. They'll work harder than an employee because they won't get paid unless they complete a project. A full-time, in-house writer may not finish the project on time, and you still have to pay them. Unless, of course, you fire them on the spot. Hiring a freelancer will save your company money. You don't have to pay employee expenses such as PTO time, medical and disability, workman's compensation, and other benefits. And, a freelancer saves the environment because their office is in their home!

find the right freelance writer - samuel nathan kahn

5 Ways to Find the Right Freelance Writer for Your Website

Make sure the freelancer can write :- Most freelance writers will have an online portfolio. Please read their writing. Please don't glance over their website -- take time to actually READ their work. They put together a writing portfolio to showcase their writing. You'll save you time if you read their writing.

Make sure the writer understands SEO :-  If you don't know that SEO stands for search engine optimization make sure a freelance writer does. They can use your keywords and phrases when the write blogs, articles, and web content. If you don't know what keywords/phrases to use, ask them to provide you with a consultation.

Make sure the freelancer is compatible with you and your company :- If you get the feeling that a particular writer may not be a good fit for your company, don't hire them. There are plenty of writers to select from. Get quotes and choose the one that works for you.

Make sure the writer is professional :-
There's nothing worse than dealing with someone who's unprofessional. Hire a writer who understands time management and communication. You want someone who will complete writing projects on or before the deadline. Don't be afraid to ask the following questions: What are your hours of operation? What do you like about freelance writing? How well do you handle deadlines? What is your policy regarding 'rush' projects? How flexible are you with your writing style, tone, and voice? What sets you apart from other freelance writers? Ask as many questions as you can make sure you hire the right freelance writer.

Make sure the writer adds value to you and your company :-
Does the writer go above and beyond the call of duty? How can the freelance writer drive web traffic to your website? What can they do to help your business grow? You may want to hire someone who possesses a business background; they have business degrees and experience. Their professional experience will be invaluable to you. It's a bonus if you find a freelance writer who has a combination of book and street smarts.

Take the pain out of hiring a freelance writer by following the above steps. Don't hire the first writer you speak with, unless, of course, you get an 'intuitive' hit to hire the writer. Always select the writer that is best for you and your company. Review online portfolios; ask for more writing samples if you need them. The bottom line is that developing a business relationship with a freelance writer will be a step in the right direction. You never know what connections that have that could help you.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Writer

So, you're thinking about hiring a writer. But you're just not sure if the value can outbalance the costs of hiring a full time or part time freelancer. Adding value to your business, however, can successfully be done by a professional hired writer. There are many benefits to hiring a writer that you might not be aware of. Here are the top six reasons to hire a writer for your company or your individual needs.

samuel nathan kahn - professional writer

1. A professional writer uses their skill and ability to your advantage.

This is a real plus because a professional writer will create a smooth flowing document capable of enticing customers in and upping your professional reputation. If you weren't the best at grammar during high school, you don't want to take away from your professional appearance and take on article writing yourself. Increase your professional reputation by hiring a writer. If you're an individual, you can hire a writer to create a beautiful resume that will get you the jobs you need. Or you can have a pro writer edit that essay for a perfect college grade.

2. Professional writers target their skills for your audience.

You provide the directions and the keywords. They turn it into something that will draw in the niche audience you are looking for, or the right way to impress possible clients. This is perfect for people looking to draw more business to their website. Hire a writer to publish many well written articles on a set of article directories, and you can bring in more sales than you have ever done. If you're just not sure how to word your concept, but know what audience you must reach, a professional writer can make this come true.

3. A professional writer will give you a time frame and provide you with results.

Don't commission your secretary to write you ten articles when she has a chance. More than likely she'll never get around to doing them till three weeks later, if even that. A professional writer gives you a limit, a time frame, and results. You will see physical results from your requests in a short time after hiring a professional writer.

4. Qualified writers will develop your ideas into tangibility.

You have great ideas. Maybe you have a concept that will increase your sales. But you just don't know how to write it. Hire a good writer and they can turn that idea into a solid reality, worded better than you could try to do.

5. Hire a writer and get fresh content.

Avoid the overused clich├ęs and create a new angle to describe your information. Don't just look up a description online and reword it. You need some original content if you want to bring in solid sales, or make something convincing. A professional writer can offer you this originality all the time.

6. Hire a professional writer to proofread and avoid expensive errors.

Do you know the power of a misplaced comma? If not, you should. A contract was signed to string up telephone lines. The agreement stated the contract with excessive punctuation, and the hired employee sent in a termination notice before the contract was up, armed with a book of English grammar rules. In court, the judges favored grammar. "Based on the rules of punctuation," the comma in question "allows for the termination of the [contract] at any time, without cause, upon one-year's written notice." It cost the employer several millions in the end. Avoid a simple comma mistake and save yourself from potential hazards.

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a Professional article writer for a high quality, professional and reliable article writing service.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Tips To Choose Professional Resume Writers

Do you want to find a professional resume writer to write your curriculum vitae? Resume writing is not as easy as you think as it should contain all the necessary details associated with the job you are going to apply. You should provide detailed information about you in it such as academic qualifications, experience, awards, skills, and accomplishments. If you do not know how to include details or what kind of information has to be included, then it is recommended to take the help of a professional resume writer. To create curriculum vitae, you have to consider several things.

If you have impressive curriculum vitae, then you are likely to be selected for the job applied. The success of getting a job depends on the professionalism shown in your resume. A professional resume writer can help you to get the job you require. You can impress your prospective employer with the help of an attractive resume as the employer views it before scheduling an interview with you. Hence, you have to select the right writer who can help you to create the best curriculum vitae for you. While selecting a writer, you have to consider several factors such as certification, experience, promptness, portfolio, references, and results.

Various resume writing certifications is provided by reputed organizations. It is not necessary to hire a writer with certification to get a well-written and attractive one, but if you hire a certified writer, then you can expect a positive outcome. Sometimes, an experienced writer can provide you with a successful resume than a certified writer who is just certified. Hence, the experience of the writer also is an important criterion to select a writer. The Portfolio of the writer is very important while choosing a professional resume writer. Portfolio consists of samples of work that enables you to assess the caliber of the writer.

Select a professional resume writer who can assure 100% satisfaction. The writer you have selected should agree to work on your curriculum vitae until you are satisfied. The writer should understand the current hiring process and trends in your field, so that he can write the curriculum vitae depending on the job requirements. The qualifications and skills of each individual differ. Hence, the writer should know how to customize the resume. You may be confused in selecting a writing firm as you can find several firms. So, you can choose a resume writing service referred by maximum number of people.

As a deciding factor, you can check the testimonials of other people who have used the service before. Before selecting the writer, you should understand the time required by the writer to complete the curriculum vitae to avoid late job applications. The outcome of the curriculum vitae is the most important thing because if the resume written by a professional resume writer does not give positive results, then you will become jobless.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tips to Find the Best Writer for Your Company Project

Finding the best writer for your company projects is not generally simple. Truth be told, as an expert marketing specialist a standout among the most regular inquiries I get asked by customers is, "How would I locate a decent writer?" My reaction is that they ought to ask is, "How would I locate the best writer for my company projects?"
There are numerous great writer out there, however not all are suited to do the best occupation for you. Taking after is a rundown of themes to consider when searching for best author for your task:

1. Desires
2. Experience
3. Aptitude
4. Portfolio
5. References
6. Financial plan
7. Working chemistry

It is vital to remember these while reaching an writer. An expert writer will gladly invest some energy to run over these points with you. Having this rundown convenient will help you rapidly locate the most qualified writer for your task.


Eric Schames - Desires
The initial phase in your quest for the ideal writer, is realizing what last results you need for your written work project. For instance, do you require an official statement to advance another administration or item or do you have to promote it on your website. This will have any kind of effect in the sort of writer you are searching for. An official statement won't require Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that site content requires. When you are sure about your objective, then you can begin the quest for the fitting essayist. It's essential to realize what the objective is on the grounds that it will help you make your desires clear to the writer with respect to your written work venture.
The second step is to have a common clear comprehension with the essayist on what you anticipate. It's best to have a composed ascension so that you and the author have an unmistakable comprehension of the substance required, due date and pay. The understanding can likewise incorporate a non-exposure Ascension (NDA). This is critical if you're composing venture includes delicate material or data you need to hold rights to. This is an exceptionally normal solicitation of customers, so most authors approve of marking them. Every now and then you may likewise experience an author who may need you to consent to an arrangement on their end. More often than not these assertions include security issues with respect to nom de plumes and sovereignty concerns. In the event that you have any inquiries regarding an assention, contact a lawyer before marking.


Experience - Samuel Nathan Kahn

At the point when talking about an experience I am not just allud to a particular time allotment additionally the kind of composing the writer has experience chipping away at. Clearly, experience should the writer have, as much as possible. However, that is accepting the author you are thinking about is a solid writer. It's ideal to procure a solid writer with less experience than an unremarkable author who brags an extensive involvement in composing. All things considered, this is the place expertise becomes possibly the most important factor.

It's vital to comprehend what your desires are with regards to your undertaking. It is safe to say that you are hoping to expand your deals? At that point you will require the administrations of a talented publicist. Do you require an award? At that point your best choice is to discover gift author that has composed an award that was endorsed. Hoping to redesign your law office's site? At that point employ a lawful publicist who has composed the substance, bulletins or Ebooks for a legal counselor or a law office.


Most professional writers have website. At the very least their website should include a summary of their skills, education and experience. These websites are a great way to get an idea of the writer's voice and writing expertise. The writing should flow and not have any spelling errors. After all, if the writer did not take the time to carefully write their own website, then you can expect the same for your writing project.

It should contain the information in an easy to read format and provide plenty of writing samples so you can get a feel for the writer's voice and style.


Eric Schames

References are fine if you can get them. References are not always available, especially if the writer takes on mostly ghostwriting projects due to NDAs. It is advisable to place more emphasis on the quality of the writing and working chemistry between you and the writer. Any writer worth his salt will have a website where you can view writing samples and learn about their background. If you still have doubts after viewing the website and speaking or exchanging emails with the writer, then I suggest you keep looking. Sometimes it just comes down to a gut feeling.

Financial Plan

Financial Plan - Eric Schames
The main concern here is quality over quantity. Do you want to pay less and get little in return? While it is understandable to have a clear and reasonable budget in mind, you need to consider that the quality of the copy writing will make a direct difference in the bottom line In other words, hire cheap and most likely get poor results. Things to avoid regardless of your budget are:

• Outsourcing foreign writers. The main problem with hiring a writer who is not a native English speaker is that most don't have a firm grasp of the proper grammar, idioms, slang and the culture of the English language. You will end spending many hours editing, poor language skills.
• People who think they can write. Many people think they can write. Unfortunately, most are wrong. Writing is a skill that some are born with while others have to work extra hard to attain. Either way, not everyone can write. The best way to avoid these people is to always ask to see recent writing samples.
• Poor writers. I am referring to the quality of their work regardless of how long they have been writing. Again, the best way to avoid these people is to always ask to see recent writing samples.
• Cheap writers. There are many good writers out there that under price their services for one reason or another. But many writers who charge a small fee to do so because they are cut and paste artists. They will cut and paste content from various sources and present it as original writing. Not only will you end up with stale material, but also with useless content as you will not be able to use due to plagiarism and copyright issues. Buyer beware!

Working Chemistry

As a former Human Resources employee for over 16 years, I learned that one of the main reasons people get fired is not the inability to do the job, but rather poor communication skills and personality conflicts with managers and co-workers. This is the same for writers and clients. Many times lack of clear communication or clashing personalities halts a project or ends up producing less than satisfactory results for the client.

I highly recommend a brief interchange between you and the writer on the phone or through a few emails. With the use of Skype and the Internet this should be very easy to accomplish regardless of where you live. I have clients all over the world thanks to the Internet.

Also, to wrap things up, while reaching the writer be deferential of their time. If you don't mind recollects that until you employ that writer or will pay for interviews, you are keeping them from working for paying customers. Most scholars just get paid when they finish a task.